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Structure of connectors

The connector is composed of a pair of plugs and sockets to play a function. Plug and receptacles consist of energized terminals, plastic insulators to maintain insulation between terminals, and shell parts to protect them.

The most critical terminal in the connector parts is made of copper alloy material with high conductivity. One side is a plug terminal without elasticity, and the other side is a socket terminal with elastic structure processing, which can make the plug and socket closely combined. Connect the jack to the plug, relying on the flexible structure of the connector to make it close together, complete the connection or can transmit power and signals.

Technical factors supporting connectors

Connectors have the mission of keeping the electrical and electrical signals of all electronically connected machines smoothly connected in any environment. To improve its reliability, we introduce several technical factors that can support connectors. Contact reliability technology, simulation technology, environmental design technology.


Contact reliability technique

In order to make electricity and electrical signals, “no interruption” “no change” “no decay” contact reliability technology is particularly important. In order for the terminal to be in contact with electrical stability, the terminal shrapnel must be of elastic metal structure. The connector will return to its original position due to the elastic function of the socket terminal even if it is plugged and removed for several times. If the contact force is unstable, the connector cannot be connected properly. The use of operability and spring characteristics, and then improve the reliability of terminal contact, is the most basic and important technical factors.

Simulation technology

Connector, requires a high speed and does not interrupt the wave shape, avoid noise and lead to the machine trigger the difficult design. For this reason, simulation is also a very important technical factor when designing connectors.

The simulation analysis:


Simulation results:

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