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What is connector?

What is connector?


Connectors are electronic components that connect the flow of electricity and electrical signals.


Connector is usually refers to the conductor (line) and the appropriate pair of components connected to achieve current or signal on and off electromechanical components, in the device and components, components and institutions, systems and subsystems between the electrical connection and signal transmission role of the device. Also known as connectors, plugs and sockets, they were born out of fighter aircraft manufacturing technology. Aircraft in battle must be refueled and repaired on the ground, and the time spent on the ground is an important factor in winning or losing a battle. Therefore, in World War II, the U.S. military authorities determined to reduce the maintenance time on the ground, they first unified various control instruments and parts, and then connected by connectors into a complete system. When the faulty unit is repaired, it is taken apart and replaced with a new one, and the aircraft is immediately airborne. After the war, with the rise of computer, communication and other industries, the connector from the stand-alone technology has more development opportunities, the market has rapidly expanded.


From the point of view of the connection function, the connector can realize the connection between the printed circuit, the base plate, equipment and so on. The main implementation methods are divided into four categories: one is the IC component or component to the printed circuit board connection, such as IC socket; Two is the PCB to the PCB connection, typically such as printed circuit connector; Three is the connection between the bottom plate and the bottom plate, typical such as cabinet connector; Four is the connection between equipment and equipment, typical such as circular connector. The highest market share is printed circuit board interconnect and equipment interconnect products.

Post time: Jul-28-2022