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The Characteristics of Connector Industry

The upstream industry of connectors is mainly metal, plastic and other raw materials, while the downstream industry is widely distributed in the fields of computers, automobiles, communications, consumer electronics, aerospace and military, serving multi-industry customers. It has the following industry characteristics:

A, connectors and downstream industry growth rate synchronization

The connector is the connection bridge in the electronic circuit, which is the basic electronic components necessary for the entire electronic equipment. Connector technology innovation direction, manufacturing standards are naturally adapted to the development of downstream industries. When the downstream market puts forward higher requirements, the standard of connectors will also improve, when the downstream market size changes, its demand for connectors will also increase and decrease. It can be said that the connector market is a projection of the downstream market trends.

B, connector is a customized product

Connectors mainly emphasize contact impedance, insertion and removal times, environmental adaptability, and so on. The degree of standardization of the connector is very low, the combination range is very wide, and it has the characteristics of high customization, so the connector products are mostly developed in cooperation with customers, and customized products are designed according to customer needs.

C, high stability requirements, there is a certain technical threshold

Connector as a hub connecting various parts of the electronic components, high stability requirements, the main reason is that the connector is generally used at the intersection of two electronic components, the impact, friction will be greater than other parts, followed by the connector in protecting the core components from external dust, temperature, radiation interference also plays an important role, which requires manufacturers for the stability of the connector. Focus on research and development investment, and ensure the yield, so the connector industry has a certain technical threshold.

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Post time: Oct-17-2023