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  • Connector industry development overview

    Connector industry development overview

    Overview of global connector development In recent years, benefiting from the continuous development of downstream industries such as new energy vehicles, data and communications, computers and peripherals, and consumer electronics, the global connector market demand has continued to grow. Accord...
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  • The Characteristics of Connector Industry

    The upstream industry of connectors is mainly metal, plastic and other raw materials, while the downstream industry is widely distributed in the fields of computers, automobiles, communications, consumer electronics, aerospace and military, serving multi-industry customers. It has the following i...
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  • Meet Us at electronica South China from Oct. 30th – Dec. 1st

    Meet Us at electronica South China from Oct. 30th – Dec. 1st

    Plastron will joinelectronica South China at at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Certer (Baoan) from Oct. 30th – Dec. 1st. Booth No.: 3K38 We sincerely invite you to come and visit us during the time. You may scan the QR code as below for Entry Registration. Really looking forward...
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  • What You Might Not Know about Pin Headers.

    What You Might Not Know about Pin Headers.

    Applications: smart meters, electric meters, carrying equipment, UPS, inverter, tachograph, car anti-theft device, network switch, router, notebook, computer, MID, digital camera, board card, intelligent communication products, smart home appliances, etc. Function: Its role is to block or isolate...
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  • What are the commonly used resins for connectors (What materials are used for injection molding connectors)

    What are the commonly used resins for connectors (What materials are used for injection molding connectors)

    In the production of connected products, plastic materials are essential raw materials, such as PBT plastic materials, Nylon-66, 6T plastic materials, 9T plastic materials, LCP plastic materials, etc. The quality and temperature resistance of these five raw materials are different, and the price ...
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  • The characteristics of board to board connector

    Board-to-board connectors are closely related to the development of industrial automation, and the future demand is large, and this connector is needed in basically all fields. Here is to explain the characteristics of the board-to-board connector. 1, the first is flexible connection, fast instal...
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  • Board to board connector problems and troubleshooting

    The correct connection of the board-to-board connector product can improve the service life of the product and ensure the excellent operation of the mechanical equipment. Board to board products present the situation, not timely treatment, will bring immeasurable economic losses. The following is...
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  • How many ways are there to pack pin header and socket?

    The header and socket connector is a kind of patch connector often used in electronic production and molding. Widely used in PCB boards of various electronic products, the quality of the pin connector is directly related to the quality of the entire electronic product and the reliability of its u...
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  • What do board-to-board connectors need to pay attention to in daily operation?

    In our lives, we should all know the board-to-board connector, which is basically used in electronic devices, but do you know what the board-to-board connector needs to pay attention to in daily operation? Let’s take a look. I hope it helps. After the device has been in use for a while, wai...
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  • What are the main functions of the bus connector?

    The bus connector, also known as the nut connector or screw connector, is a connection component widely used in mechanical, industrial and electronic equipment. The connector uses nuts and screws to fix two or more components to connect and fix them. Because of its stable and reliable connection,...
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  • 5 aspects should be considered comprehensively for Pin Header and Scocket selection

    As an electronic engineering personnel should know that the operation of the pin and female connector in electronic products will affect the function of the entire equipment, so the selection of the appropriate quality of the Pin Header and Scocket can bring twice the result with half the effort....
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  • Side plug-in board to board connectors not only have the advantage of saving space, but also have good performance in protection performance

    The side plug-in board to board connector is a single row or double row board to board connector. The existing board-to-board connectors are mainly divided into flat connector and side plug-in connector. Among them, because the tongue plate of the lying connector is roughly parallel to the connec...
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