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  • Structure of connectors

    The connector is composed of a pair of plugs and sockets to play a function. Plug and receptacles consist of energized terminals, plastic insulators to maintain insulation between terminals, and shell parts to protect them. The most critical terminal in the connector parts is made of copper alloy...
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  • The key advantages of connectors

    Connectors are easy to mass produce, easy to maintain, easy to upgrade, improve design flexibility and other characteristics, widely used in aerospace, communications and data transmission, new energy vehicles, rail transit, consumer electronics, energy, medical and other fields. The rapid develo...
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  • What is connector?

    What is connector?   Connectors are electronic components that connect the flow of electricity and electrical signals.   Connector is usually refers to the conductor (line) and the appropriate pair of components connected to achieve current or signal on and off electromechanical compone...
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  • What Raw Material is Best for Metal Stamping?

    What Raw Material is Best for Metal Stamping?

    As the demand for metal parts, components, and products continues to grow, so does the need for high-speed, reliable manufacturing methods that can produce replicas of complex metal designs. Due to this demand, metal stamping has become one of the most versatile and popu...
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  • How to choose the best raw material for metal stamping?

    How to choose the best raw material for metal stamping?

    There are a variety of commonly used raw materials in metal stamping. The application itself will typically determine what metals can be stamped. The types of metals used in stamping include:   Copper Alloys Copper is a pure metal that can be stamped into a variety of parts on its own, but it is ...
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  • What are terminals on wire harness?

    What are terminals on wire harness?

    Wire Harness Terminals wire-terminalsTerminals are another necessary component to establish an electronic or electrical connection in a wire harness. The terminal is an electromechanical device that terminates a conductor to a fixed post, stud, chassis, etc., to establish that connection. They ar...
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