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The key advantages of connectors

Connectors are easy to mass produce, easy to maintain, easy to upgrade, improve design flexibility and other characteristics, widely used in aerospace, communications and data transmission, new energy vehicles, rail transit, consumer electronics, energy, medical and other fields. The rapid development of product technology level in application field and the rapid growth of market strongly traction the development of connector technology. So far, the connector has developed into a complete range of products, varieties of specifications, structural types, professional subdivision, industry characteristics are obvious, standard system specification of the serialization and professional products.


Connectors support connectors in all areas of modern society. Next, describe the functional characteristics of connectors and the technologies and production processes that support them.


The applications of connectors.



Connector is not only used in smart phones, computers and other items closely related to our life, but also widely used in all electronic related terminal equipment. There is a wide variety of connectors because of the variety of design styles and uses they require. What happens when you use a connector? Let’s take computers as an example.

First, there are memory slots. A slot attached to a PCB board in a computer case for connecting to a memory card.

Secondly, it is used for PCB board connectors inside the computer. The circuit is composed of multiple PCBS according to different functions, and connectors are required to connect these PCBS. In addition, connectors are required to connect the LCD screen and keyboard to THE PCB board.

Finally, there are IO connectors. This is a connector used to connect a computer to a printer, a mobile device, a TV, and other external devices.

In addition, there are card connector for connecting various cards, such as SD card.

So why use connectors?

For example, when connecting the PCB board inside the equipment, it is possible to connect the loop directly, but this will result in a long operation time. And the demolition of repair and other work more time. However, using a connector to connect, you can easily and quickly “connect” and “separate” them. Therefore, it can easily realize mass production, division of production, repair and maintenance work. The interface between the peripheral machinery and the network is, of course, the same. As a wide variety of devices evolve, the ease with which connectors can “connect” and “detach” is indispensable.

Post time: Jul-28-2022