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What Raw Material is Best for Metal Stamping?

As the demand for metal parts, components, and products continues to grow, so does the need for high-speed, reliable manufacturing methods that can produce replicas of complex metal designs. Due to this demand, metal stamping has become one of the most versatile and popular manufacturing processes in the world today.

Developments in metal stamping capabilities and automated technologies have driven significant efficiency improvements in the process. It can produce simple, intricate, or complex parts in fast, cost-efficient batches while adhering to stringent design specifications with a high degree of accuracy.

Metal stamping transforms raw metal sheets into finished components with the following processes:

Bending; Embossing; Notchin; Punching; Stamping; Tooling.


While increasingly advanced metal stamping tools can create high-quality parts, it’s just as important to select the appropriate raw materials as it is to choose the right machining process. Each metal and alloy has different characteristics. Depending on the nature and application of the part, it might need either a common alloy or a specialty metal.

Many common alloys are used as precision metal stamping materials across multiples industries, such as:

Aluminum alloys; Brass alloys; Copper alloys; Nickel alloys; Steel and stainless steel.


It’s important for designers and engineers to know key information about the most common metals and specialty metals available for metal stamping processes to inform the material selection process.

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